Jeff Pinkerton has developed and managed several multi-national sales organizations; mostly involved in the computer software field. He’s started four of his own companies and for the past several years has focused on helping owners of commercial real estate decrease their energy consumption and decrease their federal tax obligations. He has a great deal of experience putting together real estate transactions.



Kathleen Genereux has been a licensed real estate broker for the past 19 years. In that time, she has been the recipient of the Denver Board of Realtor’s Million Dollar Roundtable award 17 of those years. She specialized in single family homes in and around the Denver metro area.


In those two decades, she has been involved in hundreds and hundreds of transactions and has helped hundreds buyers and/or sellers meet their real estate needs.

Between the two of them, they have been active real estate investors since 1975 and have completed over 50 transactions. They’ve done fix-and flips as well as buy-and holds. They’ve subdivided properties, done minor renovations ($15,000) and significant renovations ($150,000). They’ve built several homes from the ground up ($1,000,000+), and even moved two homes.

They’ve used their own personal funds, borrowed from Home Equity Lines of Credit and used Self-Directed IRA monies (and helped others create and use theirs). They’ve borrowed from others—and paid the lenders back in full every time.

They’ve also over-developed, bought too high, sold at the wrong time, held instead of sold, sold instead of held, set rents too low, lent money to a druggie, lost money on $1,000,000+ construction project that took 18 months, selected the wrong contractors and borrowed money at too high a rate. In the words of an old sage “experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you set out to get”. They’re experienced.

They are invested in each one of the projects in question.




The following individuals have invested with Denver Lending Group

“I’ve invested in nine different properties with Jeff. There have been few problems, and Jeff has resolved those that have occurred. I plan to continue.”

-Doug B.


“I provided a property bridge loan for Jeff late last year and was paid back under the terms of the loan. Further, I'm confident in Jeff's ability to perform accurate due diligence on the investments he recommends to his partner lenders.”

Danielle—Denver, CO

“Denver Lending Group has continued to update us on the progress of the project that I invested in and feel comfortable with the approach they take to this type of investment. They’ve been exceedingly helpful and informative throughout this process.”

Jody—Denver, CO

“I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in my neighborhood though a knowledgeable company with a sound approach".

L. Norrie, Sloan's Lake
North West Denver


“I loaned money to Jeff and Kathleen. They paid it back with interest, on time. They are very trustworthy and easy to work with.”

Joe S.--Denver, CO


"We invested in one of Denver Lending Group's early projects. It was completed on time and we got our principal and interest back on time. We're invested in a second project (for us) already and have recommended this investment alternative to our friends"

Denise G.
Jennifer G.


"I have invested in 3 different projects with Denver Lending Group and have been pleased with the professionalism in which Jeff, the manager, has handled them.  The project reports have been honest and accurate and sent in a timely manner. As a Realtor myself, I believe in rehabbing and renovating older homes or creating beautiful new places and this is a positive and lucrative way to be involved."

Margaret—Denver, CO